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Phillip Raffnsøe Nilsson

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30-year-old full stack software developer with 8 years of experience in modern web technologies, fintech, e-commerce solutions and API development. I consider myself a programming language polyglot but with a strong preference for JavaScript/TypeScript.

I hold a bachelor's degree in software development from the IT University of Copenhagen and I'm a multimedia designer from The Copenhagen School of Design and Technology.


I have several years of experience with API and system integration development in different languages and frameworks. My current tool of the trade is Laravel, with experience in both Express and ASP.NET.

I typically work in completely containerized environments using Docker through the entire pipeline; from development to staging and finally to production. I strive for completely reproducible builds and zero-downtime deployments.


I have a very deep understanding of accessible and semantic HTML and clean, structured CSS combined with advanced, interactive JavaScript to create usable and great experiences for both clients and end users.

I usually work with SSR frameworks like Nuxt for Vue or Next for React (this website is built with Next and Typescript) and have extensive experience working with modern JavaScript SPA/SSR/Jamstack development and tooling. For styling, I usually work with modular SCSS, styled-components or Tailwind.

I'm used to working directly with designers in collaborative tools like Figma and Sketch and are quite comfortable in Illustrator and Photoshop (and to a lesser extent Blender)

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer

January 2022 - Present
Ageras Group, Copenhagen


  • Lead developer for the business loan and credit line platform Ageras Lending; scoping, planning and driving future development.
  • Developed key components and infrastructure: KYC (Know-Your-Customer) flow, scheduled interest accrual, automated ledger syncing, automated payment reminders.
  • Collaborated closely with cross-organizational teams across different entities withing the company to seamlessly integrate our product offering into their respective products
  • Conducted weekly status reports to stakeholders, ensuring effective communication and alignment on project progress, deliverables and OKRs

Notable achievements

Full Stack Developer

April 2019 - December 2021
Signifly, Copenhagen


  • Scoping and speccing complex development projects with multiple stakeholders
  • Developing and maintaining full stack websites, web applications and e-commerce solutions
  • Creating and maintaining CI/CD pipelines, managing deployments on different cloud providers; Netlify, Laravel Forge and own in-house Docker Swarm setup
  • Mentoring interns/junior developers in web technologies and general programming problem solving

Notable achievements

  • Developed key parts both in the frontend and the backend of Maersk Container Sales, a global platform for buying shipping containers. The entire system is event sourced, and the frontend is server-side rendered.
  • Fully lead the development of DEA's new website and event management solution. A completely statically generated website with thousands of pages, deployed in just a few minutes.
  • Lead the development of the new b2c e-commerce website for Zaptec, a Norwegian tech company making EV chargers. Statically generated Jamstack website, hosted on Netlify using Shopify as the headless e-commerce system.

Freelance Software Developer

August 2016 - Present


  • Involvement in the entire journey with clients; from initial contact to speccing, designing, implementing, testing and maintaining the final product
  • Consulting customers on best solutions with respect to both problem and budget
  • Clear communication with client and other stakeholders through the entire project

Notable achievements

  • Development of campaign site for a new series of commercial door entrances for the global door manufacturer Assa Abloy (the campaign is now offline). Built in client's CRM HubSpot for better customer insights.
  • Campaign website for brand new senior cell phones by Swedish phone company Doro (the campaign is now offline). Pure HTML and CSS with sprinkles of Javascript for interactivity
  • Website and rental booking system for vacation properties in Almuñecar, Spain. React SPA with Express backend.

Frontend Developer

June 2015 - August 2016
Frankly A/S


  • Full development of websites for clients from design to final product

Notable achievements

  • Lead the frontend development of an MVP of a digital platform for travel itinerary planners selling trips and journeys around the world. Frontend in Angular and backend in Laravel.


  • BSc. Software Development

    IT University of Copenhagen

    Bachelor thesis on agile hybrid-native app development with a focus on UX design.

    Favourite courses: Programming Language Theory and Compiler Design, IT Security, Machine Learning and AI

  • Academy Profession Degree in Multimedia Design

    Copenhagen School of Design and Technology